Why not add a little something extra?

Optional extras and bespoke options that make your Trojon roller door totally unique and extra special.


Locking Straps

Steel reinforced locking straps connect the curtain to the barrel to prevent forcible entry by lifting the roller door. Their turn lock design provides ease of installation and enhanced security.


Wireless Keypads

RTS Wireless Anti-Vandal Keypads are available for multiple users. If you forget your key-fob, simply press in the 4 digit code on the illuminated keypad and see the door operate. The wireless keypad offers peace-of-mind without compromising security.


Wireless Switches

RTS Wireless Smoove Switch is a touch sensitive switch which is wireless and can be installed away from the roller door itself, allowing you easy operation to activate your door whilst inside your home.


Alarm System

Trojon roller doors can be fitted with an integral 90 decibel alarm unit for the complete security solution. Should an attempt be made to forcibly lift the door, the alarm system activates and will sound automatically.


Overide Kit

The low level lockable override kit enables the door to be opened manually from inside or outside the garage in the event of an emergency or power failure. If the roller door is the only point of entry, you will require a low level lockable override kit.


Vision Slats

Available to allow natural light into your garage, vision slats are constructed from thick aluminium extruded profiles with punched out sections, complete with clear or frosted glazing infill. Please Note: In extreme weather conditions vision slats are susceptible to water ingress.


LED Lighting

We offer a range of LED lighting options to compliment your roller door installation, providing a discreet and attractive solution to outside lighting. The system can be set to turn on and off automatically, or switched on for use as an extra security light.


Vented Slats

Vented slats allow air circulation which is especially useful if you have laundry facilities in your garage and during summer months. Vented slats are located at the bottom of the door for discretion and temperature control characteristics.