Serious About Safety

All Trojon roller doors conform to the latest and strictest safety standards, find more information below and don’t be fooled by cheap imitations – we take your safety very seriously.

Trojon Doors are Safe

All Trojon roller doors come as standard with self check safety edges and safety brakes regardless of whether you specify a Somfy or NRG control system, ensuring complete conformity, safety and peace of mind.

All Trojon roller doors are fully CE approved to BS EN 13241-1.


Please don’t be fooled by cheap imitations, ensure your new door has all these features and meets the new Health & Safety Directives.
Even a Single Photocell is not compliant to the new regulations.

Safety Brakes

Safety brakes lock off in a similar manner to a seatbelt, in the rare event the tubular motor should fail the safety brake locks off and stops the curtain dropping at pace. Self check safety edges are devices fitted to the leading edge/bottom rubber on the roller door curtain, should the Trojon roller door be obstructed on its descent, then the door will stop automatically and retract to take the stress off the obstruction. Self check system means if the safety edge is damaged or broken for whatever reason, the door will only operate by a ‘hold to run’ basis ensuring the door cannot harm anyone on its descent.


To comply with the current Health and Safety/Machinery Directives, electrically operated doors/shutters should comply with BS EN 13241-1 and all other relevant standards. This means that any remote controlled garage door should incorporate a ‘self check safety edge’ device that activates on impact of obstruction, and should also be fitted with an anti-fall device or safety brake.

It is illegal to install a power operated garage door in the UK without it complying to the Machinery Directive and Construction Products Regulation.


As a proud member of the DHF Garage Door Group, your roller door will have been manufactured to the latest DHF guidelines by expert engineers, ensuring legality and safety.

To ensure your door complies, the door, motor and the control/safety equipment must have a Declaration of Incorporation from the manufacturer ensuring everything is completely tested and certified to the relevant standards (BS EN 13241-1). The door should have a label from the manufacturer complying to the tests undertaken to achieve its compliance under the Construction Products Regulation.

On completion of the garage door installation the installer must also provide a Declaration of Conformity, and apply a CE label with identification information of the installation which is now classed as a machine.

The installer must issue both operating and maintenance instructions, and following a demonstration on how to operate the new door the installer will sign the Declaration of Conformity. The customer must also sign the document as proof that he has given a demonstration on how to operate the door, with each party retaining copies of the documentation for their records.

If any of the above are not fulfilled then the product and the installation could be classed as illegal. At Trojon Roller Doors we take our customers safety extremely seriously, so rest assured that a Trojon roller door really is as safe as it can be.