The Rollixo RTS Control Unit

The Rollixo RTS Control Unit from Somfy is the latest innovation from the world leader in control equipment.

Somfy Rollixo RTS

The Rollixo RTS is the complete solution for automated, motorised roller garage doors. The smart design of the Rollixo RTS ensures that your garage door is installed quickly while still delivering a premium solution. The Rollixo RTS comes with an approved Safety Edge solution as standard, ensuring that the door stops and reverses on contact with an obstruction.


• CE approved to the latest EU regulations
• Approved safety edge solution
• Remote control unit with LED display
• Wireless OSE safety edge system
• Built in 90db alarm
• Key fob with rolling code technology

The RTS Symbol represents the latest radio technology Somfy brand. Operating from a dedicated frequency of 433.42 MHZ and complete with rolling code technology the RTS Somfy Systems are undoubtedly the leaders in their field. The stylish ultra-modern control unit comes complete with 2 handheld fobs, up, stop and down buttons, LED diagnostic display system, built-in courtesy light and integral 90 decibel alarm unit.

Armed with a wireless OSE Safety Edge Transmitter which wakes up on initial movement and stays awake until the door stops moving, ensuring battery life is protected. The wireless OSE Safety Edge Transmitter powers an Optical Safety Beam through the bottom rail rubber which when activated or compressed stops the door from closing further. Other wireless accessories are available to compliment the system.


Wired Switch Option

Rollixo RTS Wired Electrical Safety Edge Solution

• 1x Rollixo RTS controller
• 1x XSE Safety Edge Transmitter
• 2x Keygo multi-channel key fobs
• 1x Pair of guide magnets
• 1x Resistive safety edge


Wireless Switch Option

Rollixo RTS Wireless Optical Safety Edge Solution

• 1x Rollixo RTS controller
• 1x XSE Safety Edge Transmitter
• 2x Keygo multi-channel key fobs
• 1x Pair of optical cells

Switch it up

The Somfy Smoove Wireless Switch can be installed without the need for wiring. A simple brush with your fingers activates the switch to your desired direction. For an external situation the wireless RTS Anti-Vandal Keypad can be installed again without the need for wiring. A must for multiple door users. Simply push in your personal code number on the illuminated keypad and see your door operate.

NRG Automation – The RollSafe868

The NRG Automation RollSafe868 is the high quality solution to automate your roller garage door.


With its unique design, ease of installation and commissioning help to deliver the optimal roller door solution that is safe and secure. No longer are magnets required to offset an uneven floor, NRG’s unique system can deactivate the safety edge just before it touches the floor preventing any re-opening or the need to install magnets.

The modern NRG Automation Remote Control Unit is the most widely used controller for roller garage doors, with multifunction capability and wireless safety edge system. In addition the system can be wired, wireless OSE or resistive.


• CE approved to the latest EU regulations
• No wiring between the controller and wireless safety edge.
• Pre-wired 2mtr mains cable with UK plug.
• Plug in controller terminals for motor and accessories.
• Front panel LED diagnostics of power and safety edge.
• Audible diagnostics of motor thermal, safety edge and low battery indicator.
• Optional wired safety edge system using same controller.
• Holiday Mode
• Auto Time Close
• Courtesy light 25 watts


Wired Switch Option

NRG Automation Wired Rollsafe 868 Safety Edge

• Curly Cable & Junction
• 1x Optical Safety Edge (OSE)
• 1x Rubber Profile


Wireless Switch Option

NRG Automation Wireless Rollsafe 868 Safety Edge

• 1x Bottom Slat Transmitter (TCSP)
• 2x Lithium EMBB Batteries
• 1x Optical Safety Edge (OSE)
• 1x Rubber Profile

Looking for something extra?

Optional extras and bespoke options that make your Trojon roller door totally unique and extra special.