The paint finish can be expected to provide weatherproof membrane, i.e. will resist perforation due to corrosion from the weather side. Any fade of colour change shall be limited and uniform given equal exposure to the local environmental conditions. The guarantee applies to the weather side of the door curtain only and is subject to the following conditions

• The garage door must be free of impact of mechanical damage, scratches, tears, scuffs or other surface abrasions

• Surfaces must be freely exposed to washing by rainfall and kept clear of bird droppings, accumulated dirt and debris

• The guarantee applies only to the weather side and where more than 5% of the surface area of any one door is affected.

• Corrosion, discolouration or other effects arising from elements within the building or from abnormal pollution or contact with aggressive fumes or chemicals are excluded.

The guarantee begins at the time of first delivery of the product by Trojon. This guarantee is valid for doors sold in the UK and ROI only. In the event of a justifiable and agreed claim the company may replace the door or offer a refund at its sole discretion. Small template marks may appear on the inside of the top section of the ‘Trojon Roller Door’ curtain, where the locking straps appear, this is normal and will not interfere or damage the door and so is void from guarantee.

Wearing of the ‘Trojon Roller Door’ curtain may appear and be visible when the ‘Trojon Roller Door’ curtain is fully open. This wear is due to the lead in of the curtain in the guide tracks. The wearing is common and will not result in a defect of the shutter door. The wearing down of the paint to the aluminium will not result in further damage and is seen as general wear and tear. This wear and tear is hidden within the guide tracks when the ‘Trojon Roller Door’ is fully lowered. This wear and tear will not be taken as a fault on the door and the ‘Trojon Roller Door’ curtains will not be replaced if these marks appear.

Any warranty claim is dependant on an annual service inspection and maintenance of the roller door by an authorised Trojon Agent. Proof of service must be recorded in the Operation and Maintenance Manual supplied with the door. Failure to carry out an annual service with recorded proof will invalidate the warranty.

The rubber profile at the bottom of the door curtain concealing the optical safety system must be installed onto a level surface to function correctly. If floor levels are irregular, the floor must be levelled or the door stopped at a level point, to ensure the rubber profile concealing the optical beam is not crushed. This may create an air gap under the door which cannot be rectified, unless the floor is levelled.

Whilst every effort has been made to provide an accurate representation, colours shown in this brochure are for illustrative purposes only and may vary from the product received.

If you are unsure or have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch